All the Feels with Brooke Cameron

Our very own Brooke Cameron is back from the west coast, and she wants to share some stuff she's been working on with YOU! Interested in expanding your improvised comedy into improvised theatre by focusing on honest and authentic scene work? Brooke will be offering a 3-hour, one time only intensive workshop that concentrates on creating touching moments on stage that go beyond gags and goofiness. Fresh from a series of Paper Street Theatre performances (Improv for Closers, Lethal Christmas, A Handmade Tale), Brooke will lead you through the important steps of creating sincere characters, moments and stories that come from the heart through physicality, teamwork and strong stage presence. Whether you're looking to build grounded scenes, improve your offers and listening skills or start dabbling in solo improv, this workshop will have a serious impact on your improvised performances across the board.

When: Tuesday, May 24th from 6pm - 9pm

Where: The Arts Court Library, 2 Daly Avenue

Who: Any improviser. Really. This is an important and oft overlooked skill set that every improviser can benefit from honing!

Space is limited in this one-time-only workshop, so reserve your spot today!

Brooke Cameron is a Victoria-based improviser and current member of Paper Street Theatre Company (Victoria, BC), as well as a member in absentia of Crush Improv. Brooke’s improvised theatre resume is bustling with international and cross-Canada performances from Seattle, WA, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal to London, UK. In Ottawa, Brooke has performed with Crush Improv, Elgin Street Improv, and GRIMprov, and her past workshops through the Ottawa Acting Company, Crush Improv, and guest workshops with EFT are renowned for their inclusivity and confidence-boosting energy.

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