Why Crush?

The Crush Academy Advantage

The main goal of the Academy is to make the Ottawa improv community stronger by bringing it together and sharing its collective knowledge. With Crush leveraging nearly a literal century of combined improv experience, as well as a track record of bringing Ottawa high quality improv learning opportunities through the My Summer Crush improv series, we're able to bring you the best possible improv curriculum from some of the most experienced improvisors this city has to offer. The Academy is also the only improv education network in Ottawa looking to build a curriculum of curated workshops pulled from different parts of the Ottawa improv community, because you benefit the most from getting as many different perspectives and experiences as possible.

There are workshops and courses for those looking to learn the basics, as well as opportunities to perform in ensembles, and to sharpen the skills of even the most seasoned improvisors. In the past, Crush has brought exciting workshop opportunities to Ottawa, including movement for improvisers, character creation, and sketch writing through improv, taught by Kids in the Hall alumnus Kevin McDonald. We look forward to continuing to grow and strengthen the Ottawa improv community with the Crush Improv Academy.